Soekris Audio ApS.


Apr 27, 2020

We now have the dam1941-12 in stock again.


Mar 13, 2020

We now have the dam1021-12 in stock again, but probably not for long....


Jan 14, 2019

We are adjusting the prices a little. The Audiophile line has new lower prices due to lower manufacturing cost of the mechanics. The dam1021 have slightly higher prices, and the dam1121 have slightly lower prices.


Come see us and listen to our line of DACs and DAC/HeadAmps, in 2019 we will be present at:

CANJAM NYC, February 16-17, 2019, New York, USA.


Sept 28, 2018. We now have a new online reseller in the USA, Mod House Audio.


Sept 7, 2018. We are now introducing a new OEM board, the dam1941. It is based on the renowed Soekris dac1541, but without power supply and output buffers, optimized for flexibility and customization by the OEM.


May 6, 2018. We're still looking for international resellers for all major markets not already covered, especially for USA and larger European countries. We sell directly online, so if you have an existing online store and want to add our selection of great Audiophile DACs and DIY products, send us an email for more details.



For information about the Soekris line of x86 based communication computers please visit:

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